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Things you should never say in front of your real estate agent.

December 20, 2016


There’s a time and a place for conversations about your turgid love life and your marital frustrations. In front of a real estate agent at an open for inspection is definitely not one of them. Nor is it a time to talk about the virtues of thick walls or where you’ll fit the stripper pole. […]

Happy Days - A Quick Guide To Renting

June 27, 2015


  Renting a property allows more flexibility than owning a home. This is ideal for those who could be faced with sudden changes such as a job relocation. Renting requires no long-term commitment from a Tenant, and is the best option if you don’t intend on staying in one place for a long time. The […]

Getting Your Home Ready For Sale

May 7, 2015


I have shown hundreds of properties in the last few years and loads of people ask me, “How can I best prepare my house for sale?” Usually sellers have done a few things to get ready for the sale of their property but I say that the devil is in the detail. The smallest thing […]

The Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Agent When Selling Your Property

February 18, 2015


There are a lot of real estate professionals out there today. Chances are you may already know one from within your own social circle. You can get referrals from neighbours, friends, and family members, however, you need to choose the most qualified person for the job that you feel you’ll work well with. The ideal […]

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly : 10 Top Tips for Selecting a Good Real Estate Agent.

December 12, 2014


The biggest billboards or the loudest ads don’t always translate to the best person for the job. Flashy corporate advertising does not guarantee a good result for you the Seller, or the Buyer. After being in the real estate business for many years I have seen lots of agents come and go. So, here are […]